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Helmet cameras are being added to cricket

Helmet cameras

In this age of modernity there is no alternative to technology. All kinds of technology are being used so that there is no speed on the cricket field. Helmet cameras are being added to cricket this time. For the first time, Sky Sports is going to bring this helmet camera to make the coverage of Test cricket attractive.
The new technology will be seen in the India-England Edgbaston Test starting on Friday
It is learned that England cricketer Oli Pope will be wearing a helmet camera while fielding in the short leg. Which has never been seen before in Test cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have approved the use of fielder helmets.

Sky Sports hopes the use of the helmet camera “will give viewers a unique view of the cricketing action.”

What the players say to each other will be captured on the camera of the helmet. The stump mic was already there and this time the camera has been added to the helmet.

Sky Sports used the same technology in the first edition of The Hundred last year.

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